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Christ Church Monday, November 2, 2020

Thank you, Ewert’s, for hosting the CCN Youth Group at your house last night!

Pray for our city, state, and nation in the context of tomorrow’s election.

Prayers are needed for Travis Hann, Ann Swink, and Curtis Lavine.


From Pastor Gene …

Good Morning Christ Churchers! One of today’s verses from our Prayer and Fasting list is from Matthew 6:22 which starts by saying that the eye is the lamp to the body. One of the verses from my last Sunday morning’s post from Psalm 146 verse 8 was that God opens the eyes of the blind. I know we should always be seeking spiritual truth, but I think the Lord also wants us to seek truth and justice in the physical space in which we live and operate daily. As we approach Election Day this year, I think now that is extremely important. As I was pondering these verses and thinking about my eyes (physical & spiritual), the words of a hymn came to mind:

I pray that my eyes and ears will be open to truth. I pray that this morning as we gather and hear the word that the Lord has laid on Pastor Joseph Dodson, we seek an illumination of divine revelation as never before. We have the opportunity to encourage each other and seek that our eyes will be open to the truth today. Thank you Jesus for our time together! Love, peace, joy & grace.

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