New Life

Kansas Crossroads Foundation – New Life Cooperative

Nothing has been more heartbreaking to me than to see men and women join Celebrate Recovery in jail with heartfelt conviction to change their lives for the better but then, when they get out of jail, many of them are homeless. When they leave jail, they are the “cleanest” and the most hopeful about life. But being homeless quickly sucks the hope out of most people -they generally end up sleeping on the couch of old friends in pressured conditions. And because they come out of jail – few factories or businesses will give them a chance with a job – even though they are ready to work hard. Sadly, this is just to great of a hole for many to climb out.

We have a way out of this devastating cycle!!!

Kansas Crossroads Foundation allows the men and women to live and work during the critical transition time from jail into a home and job. All the while, they are building new friendships through Celebrate Recovery and the cooperative.

How I help? You can help them restart thier lives by investing in their work.
We need your help with operating costs. Would you consider donating to help us help other restart their lives from homelessness, addiction or poverty? Your help makes a big difference for us!

Thank you so much for your prayers and help in restarting lives within our community!


We are trying – with faith in God, to work together in making a healthier community. We want to strengthen each other economically, socially and spiritually.

You can donate to our ministry if you want click Donate to Kansas Crossroads Foundation .

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